7 November 2013

Top Five Life Lessons Listography.

Music enriches your life!

She's back - the inimitable Kate Takes 5 with her Top Five whatever takes her fancy at the time and those of us who wish to join in with ours, follow her subject lead with our own post and link up.  It's called a Listography.

She's returned with a whopper of an idea - our Top Five Life Lessons and hers are well worth learning.  She included one mentioning that magic happens when you play with your kids and after my last post it would have been natural to have said something similar, but, seeing as it's already been done (and particularly nicely) here are my others instead:  

1) You need peace and space and no-one gives them to you when you are a mother - it might be necessary to make it and take it!  Life works better when you have chance to listen to yourself and listen to the Universe.

2) Don't get rid of all your old clothes, boots and shoes.  I'm seeing fashions for the third time around now and regret most of my clearing out spurges.  Plus, once you've got kids and lived in jeans for a few years, you'll hanker over all your old ones made of fine fabric that you took for granted beforehand, even if it's just to stroke them because you can't see yourself ever fitting into a size 8 again.

3) Cherish your friends. Make an effort to stay in touch, especially with those who you've known a long time.  It's important to have people in your life who will encourage you, give you perspective and help you to see things you sometimes can't, even if it's just so they can take the mickey in years to come.  There's nothing like old friendships.

4) Walk. It's free healing for the mind body and spirit.  Combined with the peace and space it might give rise to = one happy soul.

5) Music.  This is something I'm still getting to grips with.  Have it in your life.  Explore and discover what floats your boat.  Learn to play instruments and sing songs with the kids, despite them insisting on their own (fart based in this house) lyrics.  It enriches every day, can alter your mood in a moment - powerful enough to get you dancing in the kitchen when no-one's watching or be grounding when everything's a bit hectic - and make or bring back memories.  Even the radio can be good company.

What would you add?  If you're as old as me. you'll have a few too.  Leave a comment below or link up your own post to Kate's and check out the others!