12 December 2013

Can you be Kitsch and Classy? Making the world better with a sweater.

I'm going to a party on Friday 13th.  Haven't been to a proper one for yonks.

There'll be loads of people, witty banter, festive goodies and crass clothes.  Can't wait!

The reason behind the terrible taste in attire is the annual Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day, traditionally the time to pop on a pullover featuring something seasonal and donate a quid for the pleasure - in order to help 'make the world better with a sweater.'  I love that strapline!

This doesn't necessarily mean running out to the shops to buy one from questionable source just for the occasion, but making do with what we've already got and jazzing it up to be at kitsch as poss.

I've pulled a few decorations together and will sew / pin them on an old jumper just for fun.  Am trying to keep it classy!

Offices up and down the country are venturing into the spirit, hundreds of celebrities are joining in and there's a massive drive at Westfield Shopping Centre's Woolly Wonderland who are donating £10 for every blogger who writes a post and uploads a picture of themselves wearing theirs.  They're running knitting classes, storytelling and a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt at getting the most people sporting a Christmas jumper into one space with Arlene Phillips at the helm.  Liz Burton explains more here and Chris from Thinly Spread is spearheading the campaign and hosting the party - a sort of Bloggers Christmas Do.

It's on Twitter at 1pm (#XmasJumperDay).  You can post a selfie and donate your £1 by texting TEAMTHINLYS to 70050.   It's going to be proper and I do hope to see you there!

In the meanwhile check out this Christmas Cracker.  I've never seen The Killing but this hilarious spoof joining in the fray, convincing the unconvinced  is really worth a watch.  And there's a blog hop with other posts below.