4 December 2013

A Right Little Christmas Gem!

Any excuse.  Really.

Aly asked for our Top Five Christmas Songs and tempting though it is to talk about 1) Chris Rea's Driving Home for Christmas and post this really interesting interview about the circumstances in which he wrote it or 2) rave about how wonderful it is to sit with the kids watching The Snowman marvelling at this particularly magical piece of music, or admit to 3) melting with Michael's Silent Night and 4) how finally relenting and accepting that Christmas really is on its way will mean the peal of Jingle Bells for a month non-stop solid, but why would I do that and distract your attention from this right little gem?

It's laugh out loud funny, not even really a song, but based on one so it sort of counts, being a tortured twist on the traditional 12 Days of Christmas by someone who'll instantly bring a smile to your face if you remember the man who played Father Jack in Father Ted, Frank Kelly.  

If you haven't heard it before, then you're my excuse for including it in this week's Listography.  If you have heard it before, you'll know that one isn't really needed to justify it!  Really...

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