7 March 2014

Why and How Would You Hire a Nanny?

There was recently an article in the Daily Mail with the headline 'I'm a stay at home mother but childcare is SO boring I've hired a Nanny

It makes for an interesting read and got me thinking.  There are lots of reasons for employing one and the whole notion is far more modern and flexible than it used to be.  It's something to seriously consider when you want to work and not just for youngsters, so I sent the piece to an Nanny Agency I know of and asked them some stuff to bring us up to date.

My questions are in bold and the answers are provided by Nannies Matter, based in Gerrards Cross, which services families throughout the Home Counties.  This is what they have to say:

“New Year’s resolution: make more time for me.” Yeah, because that’s a new one! In fact, you make the same resolution every year and by February you seem to have less time than you had before. It’s so easy to overlook “me time” and get bogged down in the same daily routines.
Working hard to juggle your own lives can leave you with not enough time to think about yourself. To think about yourself does that make you selfish? Is it such a bad thing? There are too many concerns about judgement, but balancing a life of your own is a necessity in every woman’s life and considering a nanny may actually help.

What's this I hear from other Mums about sharing a Nanny?  
Nanny Share is an option that’s like having the best of both worlds - it gives a child personal one to one attention but also the additional benefit of having the company from another child or children preferably a similar age range. This works well if you know other parents in which you can share costs and a housing environment. What's more it’s comforting knowing that children can be within a home environment.

You can also split a Nanny and share weekly.  A tip is that it’s best to take the time to get to know the nanny and parents you’re sharing with before coming to any sort of agreement. Overall a nanny share can work well for you as it’s cost effective and gives you some extra time to yourself!
Does this mean they don't have to 'live-in?'
Some nannies live with a family or live elsewhere, whatever your personal preference may be. Considering a nanny to work around your life style may allow you that extra bit of time to throw yourself into things that you’re currently not able to do. A nanny will work around you and your children’s needs so the choice is completely yours.

And would a Nanny help out with the other practical stuff at home like an Au Pair would?
No a Nanny would only be involved in all aspects of childcare but, you can request a nanny house keeper, in which duties can include cleaning, laundry, preparing a meal and caring for a child. If you just want some simple time to go to the gym, read, and listen to music or time with friends. A nanny housekeeper can offer flexibility around this and come in a few hours a week, or every day depending on what you want. Not forgetting the bonus of coming back to a spic and span house!
Whatever your choice may be it is significant and should be valued by other people, but most importantly valued by you as you are the one to carry the importance of self care in the family for your children to follow.
As a Single Mum having to consider the possibility of full time work, wouldn't hiring a Nanny be out of the question with my kids being almost nine and five? If you’re ready to go back into a full time career, it is more than possible. The skills you have as a single parent are skills that work in a business such as organisation, stability, determination and hard work.
The age range of children is not an issue, as there is a nanny out there to suit everyone. The personality of a nanny can be matched to your children’s personality and age. A nanny can also take children to school and help with homework if necessary.

What are your thoughts about hiring a Nanny?  I'd love to know them.

Disclosure - This is a collaborative post.