10 March 2014

Just As She Thought It Was Safe To Go Near The Water ...

Do you see that blue sky? You'd be forgiven for thinking that Spring has arrived and that it's safe to go near the water after the recent storms, which is obviously what the lady in black was thinking!

[Insert the theme from Jaws if you're old enough to remember it and get the line!]

Couldn't resist sharing this with you. Her name is Gabi, she's a local lady and we had a rather nice chat after her dousing, during which she gave her permission.  These waves were really unexpected and it's only one of a series of shots which are now published on this post HERE now.  They tie in nicely with the celebration of Winter by Older Mum, something she does for about one week each season.  (#OneWeek).

Anyone can join in with anything that makes it special to them - a picture, poem or piece of writing and it's a genuine delight to see people's different interpretations and eye-popping contributions!   

This has been an extraordinary winter living on the South coast and as we edge out of it, this photograph sums it up beautifully.  I've added the cropped close up just for fun.

one week