29 September 2014

If Him Upstairs is Listening.

The other day the eldest pointed at a white car and asked if we could have one of those.  He said he liked it because because it was 'big, flashy and shiny.'

I had to admire his taste.  It was one of those new smaller Range Rovers, we've since discovered to be called an Evoque.  

We decided on a navy one.

After that little chat he said we should really have three cars - the posh one for a dog (which we don't have), our old Ford Focus for every day use (which we do have) and a big fat van for camping (where we never go).

Then he added a fourth too - a Lamborghini - which would be good for me and my boyfriend (also non-existent) to go out on dates. Stop laughing at the back there. 

Anyway, not being a greedy woman, and just in case Him Upstairs is listening, I thought it best to make it clear that I'd settle for just the one.  And it doesn't even have to be navy.  We wouldn't mind the colour, really (although I'm not fussy on the Bronze one), especially now the panoramic roof, rear seat entertainment and gorgeous leather interiors and other amazing extras have been brought to my attention whilst searching for an image for you. 

We hope to get a dog, so promise it wouldn't be a waste.  We'd happily use it every day and be proud to take it camping and wash it lovingly by hand when we got home.  The bits we could reach anyhow.

And, frankly, I'm too old to have a boyfriend who didn't drive his own car anyway.  So it's settled.  

Thanks ever so much.

Anya xx

P.S. I do believe in encouraging children to follow their dreams, don't you?

(Image courtesy Wikipedia).  Excellent taste, my son. Honestly flexible on the colour. Ta.