29 January 2015

Watch Out, There's Man Flu About!

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Source - Pinterest.

So it turns out that Man Flu is a real thing.  According to a recent study in America, it seems that the hormone oestrogen plays an important role in strengthening our immune systems.  Darn it.  

We all know that men don’t possess the level of oestrogen that women do, but this is where they fall down when it comes to their ability to fight cold and flu viruses. Their lack of it actually makes their immune systems weaker, which in turn means they not only contract viruses more easily than the fairer sex, but feel the effects more seriously.  

I am so glad I am not married anymore.  Because aside from finding toe nail clippings on the sitting room floor, nursing a man who is justified in feeling sorry for himself and could quote this kind of thing at me might make me divorce him anyhow.  

Unfortunately, he would be backed up by the (informal) Twitter study of #ManFlu on the link, which, instead of it being limited to the wusses down south as I expected it to be (speaking as someone who lives right down there) it's being claimed as a genuine illness all over the country!

I asked some friends of mine what drove or drives them mad about their partners aside from nursing him when he's far more ill than we'd ever be:-

The lovely Becky from Lakes Single Mum relishes the joy of no-one snoring next to her in bed, my gorgeous friend Sarah despairs from having her husband leave wet towels on the bathroom floor and the beautiful Actually Helen, who is also still married says she wouldn't need to see her osteopath so often if she weren't constantly picking up socks and pants from the floor!

The very generous Joy seems to be fighting a neverending losing battle with the toothpaste tube and dreams of waking up every morning knowing that it has only been squeezed from its end, plus the marvellous Mari, who's living proof of hope triumphing over experience as she's on her second time round, sometimes thinks she might prefer not to have to pass every idea she has by someone else and lusts to live happily ever after 'in her land of make believe!'

As tempting as it is to pick up on that last statement and link it to men and Man Flu I shall resist, seeing as it's now a solid and proven thing as it can get, but I really can't restrain myself from mentioning that, due to their lesser levels of oestrogen, they never go through a full blown labour, do they? ;)

This clip here of Michael McIntyre relaying a conversation with his wife about why his washing is next to the laundry bin and his dirty plates are next to the dishwasher is something we can all identify with and should be shown to any remaining husbands sharpish - well those who aren't dying from #ManFlu.  It is absolutely terrific.

Disclosure - this is a commissioned post but all words are my own obvs.