12 October 2015

My Son's New Girlfriend (Age Six).

The 6yo on his way to school - where he found his new girlfriend!
The youngest has a new girlfriend.  She's in his class at the school he's just switched to and he is smitten.  This one has something 'special' about her.

The first time he fell in love, he was only three.  A vision of an angel appeared from behind a big cushion on a soft play surface at a local playgroup - all long fair hair and huge blue eyes.  I watched his eyes follow her and widen with awe and delight before he blushed.  He loved her.  That instantaenously.

And then he forgot about her.

Number two was when he started in Reception.  He shared his news with the same excited stare, about how pretty she was - red ringlets this time and what fun she was to be with at break times.      

Until they moved on.

And now we're on number three.  She seems to holds her own, let's say 'unique,' attraction to him, something that will hopefully remain specific to six year olds.  

Him:  'Mummy, I've got a new girlfriend.'

Me:  'That's wonderful darling.  What's she like?

Him:  'She's really beautiful mummy.'

Me:  'Oh, that's so lovely sweetheart.  Tell me all about her.  What's her best bit?'

(Would it be her stunning blonde mane held back with gorgeous headbands that emphasise her big brown eyes?  That she's playful, kind and / or clever?  Er, no.)

He glazed over before gleefully revealing why they are a match made in Heaven.

Him: 'She farts!'