18 November 2015

90 Secs with a Solicitor on Divorce, Separation, Mediation + Children.

Every now and then I’m asked to talk about something specific on the blog that turns out to be really worthwhile and today is one of those days! 

Peacock and Co. Solicitors got in touch to tell us about their 90 Seconds with a Solicitor series …. where they’ve laid out commonly asked questions and given their expert legal advice as answers.  

Although they naturally cover all the usual services, it makes sense to stick within Family Law and what would be appropriate to here.   

The Solicitor whose pragmatic wisdom we are blessed with today is Caroline Mills, a Partner in the firm and it’s really impressive how much information she can impart in 90 seconds!

When you’re thinking about separating or divorcing and children are involved, things aren’t always straightforward so it’s easy to go round in circles for a while and even when you’re apart, or have been for a long time, a little help from a skilled professional can go a long way.

In the 90 Seconds with Caroline Mills on …. Divorce, she recommends planning, if possible, to separate at the appropriate time in the tax year and suggests considering a forensic accountant if you think your spouse isn’t disclosing all his / her assets.  Plus she talks about what happens with regards to any monies you expect to inherit after your divorce.

In 90 Seconds with Caroline Mills on … Mediation, she explains how you are now required to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting before an application can be made to the courts if you are in dispute with your ex-partner and how mediation with a neutral third party can be a beneficial option for resolving difficulties over finances or contact with the children.   

She also discusses parental rights in 90 Seconds with Caroline Mills on… Children: Life After The Break Up – regarding who has their say on the big decisions like medical treatment, schooling and holidays and the latest one is on … How to Deal with Christmas when you are Separating or Divorcing, where she imparts some brilliant and sensitive advice about how best to deal with everyone’s needs during the festive period.

Caroline Mills, Partner at Peacock and Co. Solicitors
Caroline is a trained Collaborative Lawyer and Family Law Mediator and she and Peacock & Co are members of Resolution, a group of independent family lawyers who follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. They are based in south London but are happy to represent people from further afield.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to check out their website which is full of fabulous information posted for free and I hope it is of benefit to those of you who starting out on the road of separation, or are even further along it and need to know where you all reasonably stand.

All the questions, answers and contact details can be found in their NEWS section HERE.  

You’re welcome XX

This is a collaborative post, but all words etc are my own.