29 January 2016

Win £150 John Lewis Vouchers for De-Cluttering Top Tips with Everest.

So the word on the street this month has included a great deal about de-cluttering our homes, our lives, our friendships and, consequently our minds.

And there's no denying how much more space can be created in a relatively short space of time once we actually try it.

My top tips for de-clutterinng would be to:

1) Tackle things ten minutes at a time.  A drawer a day or washing down a wall can give you incredible impetus for tomorrow, or *gasp* even another ten minutes.

2)  Leave off the wine until afterwards.  It's amazing how 'tired' you can feel after a glass or two and how tempting it can be to leave even the ten minute tackling until tomorrow.

3)  Reward yourself.  Write a list of your achievements / dream de-cluttering jobs downsized into very small chunks and you'll be amazed how much you can achieve by the end of a day / week / week or two.

4)  Believe in a place for everything and everything in its place.  Friends who have actually visited my house may be surprised by my advising anything in this regard, seeing as it's not exactly the most organized-appearing place to be, however there is a lot to be said for organized chaos.  I can put my hands on almost anything I'm looking for because, even at worst, there's an area for everything and and everything in its area!  Work stuff on my desk, dastardly school paperwork on the kitchen side, non-work to-do on top of the microwave.

5)  Use files.  Years of office work means appreciating the simplicity of segragating and sorting. One file for Instructions, another for receipts and guarantees, another for finances, others for important documents, sentimental stuff and the like. Whatever works for you.

6)  Be ruthess. Get rid of the kids' broken and outgrown toys when they're not around. Don't even entertain the idea of getting them involved.  They'll suddenly want to play with everything they haven't touched in years.  You know best.

7)  Try to stay on top of things. It's very easy to let piles of this and that build up again once you've cleared away your *cough* areas, especially if it's an ongoing job and you're focused elsewhere, but it's best to be happy with one room than unhappy with them all, so set small targets and give yourself credit for each little achievement.

The great thing about Everest Home Improvements bi-fold doors is that the feeling of space you create - physcially first, followed inevitably by mentally - is that they allow you to go even further by enhancing the illusion of it in fine style.  Check these out.  What's not to like?!

Everest bi-fold doors giving the illusion of even more space than the lack of clutter does. 
And today, they're generously giving away £150 of John Lewis vouchers to a lucky winner of our Rafflecopter competition.

All we ask is that you leave your own top tip for de-cluttering in the comments via the Rafflecopter giveaway widget below and the winner will be chosen at random.  Additional entries are optional.

Good luck!

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And the winner is Lisa Rowsell (@Lisa2062).  Many, many congratulations and thank you everyone for entering :)).