15 February 2016

Out to Lunch.

I was taken out to lunch on my day off last week.  To a proper restaurant. With an actual gentleman.

He's married and he's a Vicar. He opened doors for me, entertained me with witty repartee, ordered splendid food and drink and paid the bill.

What more could  a woman ask for on a Tuesday at 12.15?!

He wanted to pick my brains, as besides being a man of the cloth, he's also a comedy writer and, having retired from service in a very famous local church, he's wondering what else to do with himself.

I lent him Blogging for Dummies, talked about Twitter and listened to many a tale, plotting plenty of post titles for him as he regaled me:  'The Time I Met Tony Blair'  'My Dinners with Simon Cowell,' that kind of thing - all true - and felt very blessed to be in his company despite the absence of his clerical collar on this occasion.

He's a hoot, an experienced broadcaster and deserves a wider audience.  There's talk of a book too, the title of which I mustn't reveal, but suffice to say it's hilarious and it would undoubtedly be littered with uproarious facts about families and humanity, considering the hundreds of weddings and funerals he has conducted.

The snippets I heard sure are stranger than fiction!

He's also a good cook and likes to talk recipes, so I reckon there's space for him and he'd be warmly welcomed as a writer in our midst.

What do you think?

Father Martin Morgan, retired Vicar of St, Margaret's Church, Rottingdean.  Out to lunch, in the nicest sense.
Thank you Father Martin for your company, kindness, consideration and comedic take on life.  Can't wait to do it all again.

Anya xx