10 March 2016

Things That Mightily Pee Me Off.

Last night, one of my Foreign Language students decided to change his bed.  That's all well and good you might imagine, but seeing as he's leaving on Saturday, it mightily peed me off.

This means I'll be washing and drying two lots of bed linen in two days instead of just the one. As well as that for the other four beds in the house over the course of the week.

And as I emptied the washing machine, muttering under my breath but really making my displeasure possibly but politely quite clear to him, it became apparent that the load coming out - at 9.45pm - had been infiltrated by a tissue, with only me to blame.


The other thing that compounds this little laundry-gate case is the backfiring of the bargain detergent I recently purchased in haste.

The childrens' coats were spectacularly muddy so it seemed sensible to eschew the normal non bio / Eco stuff in favour of  Surf, just at the beginning of half term.  The boys went off to their dad's for a couple of days while I went to work and got everything ready for us all heading off to France for a bit.

Then this happened.

A rash from Surf laundry detergent.
Aaaaaaaargh.  The eldest and I came out in a rash - he on his arms and legs and I on my arms and neck.  Not that we knew initially what had caused it.  Seeing as they'd been eating with their father, it wasn't anything food related and it took a while to work it out.

Mentioning my theory at the office, however and popping some pics on Facebook confirmed it though.  It seems lots of people react similarly to biological washing powders.

12 loads of re-washing later - over a period of almost a fortnight - with a different bottle of detergent and much more use of my tumble dryer than usual - cheap has most certainly not been cheerful.

And then I discovered some had got away.  It was sat there smugly in my ironing pile - stuff that had not yet been done.

So that's the next lot in, after the student's stuff.  And I'm grateful it surfaced before I'd gone to the effort of pressing it all, because if even more precious time and energy had gone to waste, that would have mightily peed me off as well!

*Pours a glass of wine to celebrate small mercies.*

What's been winding you up lately?