31 May 2016

Losing It.

A nice looking middle aged man wolfwhistled in my direction the other day.

As you do, I looked up, only to see him smiling his smiliest smile at another nice looking middle aged man slowly driving past me in a beautiful open topped BMW.  

FFS. For Heavens' sake.  It comes to something when you're really that past it.

And I bumped into someone I haven't seen in ages recently.

'You look well,' she said.

'Fat,' I joshed.  'You mean I look fat.  The middle aged spread is setting in.'  

Looking me up and down, 'It suits you,' she said.

*Unfriends* *Pours away wine.*

Then my darling 7 year old topped it off:

So that's all me put in my place for a while, hasn't it?

I'm definitely losing 'it,' if, indeed I ever had it!

How about you?