25 April 2016

To My Darling Seven Year Old.

'Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man.''


The youngest turns seven.  What kind of man will he be?
My darling youngest son turned seven last week.  It seems inconceivable and, yet, right too.  I'm actually surprised he has been so young for so long!

He is shooting up, almost as tall as his much older brother and is definitely the centre of our little family most of the time. 

He remains loud, optimistic, characteristically good natured, a giggler and quite mischievous, but deeply caring and compassionate. 

He still loves his dancing and drama classes and continues to wear out those of us who know him with his constant singing and inappropriate gymnastics. 

Every day with him is a blessing and considering his start in life - with just me and my eldest and all our struggles to just get by in the early days - most of which he has, thankfully, remained oblivious to - he has nothing short of thrived.  

He is an inspiration and to him I say this:

Thank you.

Thank you for coming, for everything you teach me, for the love you show to almost everyone you meet, for maintaining your innocence and zest for life to a degree that is utterly beyond comparison.

Thank you for making me laugh, for the persective you unwittingly and regularly grace us with, for looking after your good health and appreciating it even at your age and for your ability to count the smallest blessings as absolutely divinely given and important.

Thank you for insisting you choose your own clothes and sticking to your guns when you want to wear legwarmers or your jeans inside your socks so they look like them, for turning your nose up at trousers that aren't skinny enough and tops that just don't cut the mustard.  You've always been cool, even before you knew what constituted it.  And, rightfully, you're the one who decides what that is in your world anyhow. 

You'll make a wonderful man - if this is who you're going to be then - energetic, thoughtful and kind and never, ever boring.  You're everything anyone could ask for.   

And should you, one day, consider going out with less girlfriends and making a very lucky lady your wife, let's hope she will wholeheartedly accept your undying penchant for Superhero suits and poo jokes.  

Lots of love, as always, Angel,

Mummy xxx