25 July 2016

The (Free) Word Game.

Playing The Word Game any time, anywhere!
We were recently introduced to a brilliant and truly simple game that's perfect for car journeys, long waits in restaurants, bedtime, bath time or any point during the day just for fun!

And it's free, requires no equipment, plus is perfect from quite a young age. 

What is this Holy Grail for the holidays I hear you ask?

It's called The Word Game. 

Any number of players can work, from two to twenty.  

In fact, my youngest son starts a game every morning when he comes in for a cuddle at stupid o'clock, just us, quietly and he really impresses me with his understanding, ideas and vocabulary.  The oldest adds his own twist when he ventures in and manages to do the same. 

Isn't it great how our children are always amazing us?  

With any luck, depending on your playmates, if they're anything like mine, it can be really funny. I've found it best to ban the poo / fart/ bum words because they tend to be hysterically overused but it's good to hear so many giggles if you don't mind them. 

One person starts with any word they choose, one that can have another added to it and it make sense. 

You're not supposed to use colours or ones that have already been said during that particular game, but we're not very strict.  The next person adds a word to it and the following turn taken picks up the last word only and adds a new one. And so on. 

But beware, all your secrets will come out. 

Here's how one of ours roughly went recently. 

7yo: Christmas 
11yo: (Christmas) Cake
Me: Cup (Cake)
7yo: Plastic (cup)
11yo: (Plastic) spoon
Me: (Spoon) feed
7yo: Bird (Feed) 
11yo: Flying (Bird)
Me: (Flying) Aeroplane
7yo: Massive (Aeroplane)
11yo: (Massive) tree
Me: (Tree) root
7yo: Re-calculating Route!

And on it goes for as long as you let it.

We love it. And it's good just for adults too.

What games do you play that are easy and while away the hours with a laugh? 

Anya xx


  1. You can't beat a good word game for revealing family eccentricities & secrets! We used to play a game called cryptic I Spy to kill time on long journeys & make things a little less monotonous. You come up with a phrase that's vaguely applicable to what's going on & reveal only the first letter from each word. As each word is correctly guessed the word is confirmed and clues are dished out if the players are stumped. One favourite example was S.G.I.T.B.O.T.C which was Snoring Granny in the back of the car!
    It's fabulous that your boys enjoy a good word game, sometimes it's the simplest ideas that amuse the most isn't it?!

    1. I honestly can't believe the mileage we've had out of this one Izzie - but we're going to take on yours too. Sounds brilliant fun as it will always be changing and anything that helps in the car is always important. Yes, the simplest things with amazing freedom is a great combo! xx

  2. Oooh good one. We'll def be adding this to our list. We tend to get stuck on I spy and word associations atm.

    1. You won't believe how handy it is Rachel. How do you play your word associations?

    2. You just say the first thing that comes to mind. e.g. House - bedroom - bed - sleep - dreams - flying - holiday - etc... Gets very boring very quickly. It was useful at school where the teacher was trying to get DD to use more Hebrew.

    3. Ah right, thank you. Might give it a go anyhow and still have to ban the words above!

  3. The game of choice for my super-hero obsessed 13 year old is "If you had to choose between.." then names two superpowers that aren't remotely of interest to me. Then when I finally choose one, he spends another half hour telling me why my choice was the wrong one!

    1. Oh gawd how frustrating. Those choices games are a good idea actually. Had forgotten about them. Must put thinking cap on and stump my two with some awesome superhero powers to choose between. They'd love that. Bet they could discuss them for hours, so re-thinking ;)

  4. We often play "the story game" in the car - going around everybody again and again, adding an extra word to the story. Each person has to add a word to the story so far without hesitating, and it has to make sense. Oh, the hilarity when the kids start pulling each other up for grammar mistakes.

    1. Oh that's a new one, thanks Jonathan. Will introduce it to the boys too!

  5. We lay this too but then it ends u[ in arguments about who already used that word and how they are now out etc!!! Mich x

    1. We'll have to play it next time we're all together xx