14 July 2016

Exclusive Offer for Stays at Middle Piccadilly, Rural Retreat, Dorset.

middle piccadilly, peaceful lane, dorset, healing retreat,
Peaceful Lane where Middle Piccadilly can be found. Honest!
If you've taken an interest in my last few posts about Middle Piccadilly, the lovely little Healing Retreat in the heart of the Dorset countryside, you may be pleased to see that, exclusively for my readers, they are happy to offer a 10% discount on all stays AND therapies booked before the end of July and taken before the end of this year.**

Seeing as the rooms and full board are only £120 or £135 per person per night anyhow and also seeing as their sole aim is to provide the opportunity to help you re-connect with yourself away from the stresses and strains of every day life and we wouldn't bat an eyelid about spending it to keep our cars going, it must be worth giving some serious thought to?

I really felt quite invigorated on my return and am definitely going to visit again.  It's gladdening they have stayed true to their roots, that their ethics remain pure and that their treatments are still top notch. There's nothing like investing in yourself - some time, energy and attention - for real rewards and most of us mums and dads just don't do enough of it!

Much is made of the food there and it's fundamental to a stay.  Dominic Harvey, son of the founders and resident chef as well as all round Manager, has maintained their tradition of serving vegetarian cuisine. The reasoning behind this is it puts far less strain on the digestive system and body in general and, therefore, much more can be gained from the holistic treatments undergone.

Over the years, he has experimented and explored and created a unique and adventurous repertoire, driven mainly by demand and a passion for puddings and all things healthy, without being boring.  He has amassed a wealth of knowledge - like how most cashew nuts aren't really raw, so genuine ones have to be specially sourced - and recipes galore - juices, salads and full on Cordon Vert cuisine - which he's finally put into a book, to launch soon.

It's called Feed Green and the best way to find out about it is to sign up to Middle Piccadilly's Newsletter -  and / or follow his brand new blog  - The Lifestyle Chef and / or Instagram account.  He showed me some of the pictures and they're fab.

One thing is for sure, you never go hungry or without home comforts here!

middle piccadilly, feed green,
Food is fundamental to a stay at Middle Piccadilly. 
You can also follow Middle Piccadilly too on Facebook and / or Twitter (@midpiccadilly) / Instagram (@middle_piccadilly).  They're a bit new to Social Media and most information is available on their website, but I urge you to think of yourself - perhaps for a change - and consider re-connecting with who you used to be or who you really are, not only in the way that they provide opportunity for, but in general.

I spoke about my rage and about how hard things can be for many mums (and dads).  Sometimes, just taking a short spell away from everything can be an amazing tonic and help us seize the moment more as our childrens' milestones speed swiftly past.

Here's what some of the other guests wrote and there were copious pages and cards in a similar vein -

 middle piccadilly, guest book,
Taken from the guest book at Middle Piccadilly. 
It seems there's a great deal to be said, therefore, for just being still and this rather rustic place in the middle of nowhere gives you you through that or a great kick-start and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for it all.

Disclosure - I was a guest of Middle Piccadilly and provided with two treatments for the purposes of this review.  The requirement was only for one honest post, but considering my history with them, my passion for natural medicine and the real healing that occurred, I wanted to do more. All words and pics are my own.

**This very generous 10% discount cannot to be taken in conjunction with any other offer.

Turning Back Time to Middle Piccadilly Healing Retreat in Dorset.

Day One: Eat, Treatment, Sleep, Repeat.

Day Two: Shamanic Healing and Shamanka School.

Anya XX