31 August 2011

The Landlady is a Tramp!

He was a friend first, my lodger.   Then he was more than a friend and now he is no longer 'The Lodger.'

What can I say?  I love him.

'No surprise!' I hear you cry, having read my most ever read post -Never Bonk Your Lodger!

Does this mean I am no longer a single mum?  No, of course not.

Does it mean I am less lonely at times, less stressed, less heartbroken at the way things have transpired?  Of course.

Will it last?  Let's hope so.

The children adore him and have accepted his presence naturally, having known him before he moved in.  He thinks I am an exceptionally beautiful woman, extraordinary (in a good way) and wants to be with me and spoil me. What's not to love about him then?

So the trials and tribulations of single motherhood have changed.  He is not their Dad, never will be and doesn't try to be.

I have to make a bit more effort where dinner is involved.  Rice and peas with pesto, a firm favourite in our household, has not been served to him yet.  Nor have fish fingers.  More make up - at my age - is required at the end of the day, so as not to look quite so worn out.  And we try to be tidier, but fail.

It doesn't seem to matter though, because he is even older than me and has already raised more children than most sane people would try to, so is probably used to the chaos.  He accepts us exactly as we are - the blind leading the blind!

Plumbing the depths of his experience was my aim, because we all try to be better parents and he offered me these words of advice as his total sum of it all:  'Try not to worry so much.'  Wise words indeed and I have taken them into my heart, just as I have him.

Forgive me for not being quite so single, whilst still seriously maintaining my genuine single mother status.

You never know...