17 November 2011

Versatile Blogger Award.


Well, thank you to Sarah at Older Mum for giving me this.  These are the so-called Rules:

1) Thank the person who tagged you. (Wish I was always so effficient).  

2) Share seven things about yourself that people don't already know.  (Have shocked myself with what I am about to reveal!)
3) Pass the award on to 15 /5 newly discovered blogs depending on who you read.  (Gonna struggle with that one 'coz am so behind everyone else...).

So.  Here we go.  Deep breath. Being brave. 

1)  I am illegitimate.
2)  I am half Indian.
3)  I am thinking of tracing my biological father, having been given the details of where he lived at the time.  My mother has given the green light.  Just keep losing my nerve and there's always so much else to do it doesn't seem a priority.  (Am interested in anyone else's stories, please).  

Bet you saw none of that coming.  Have surprised myself.  But, there we go, this is what blogging does for you.  It seems a safe place to reveal STUFF.  Other less interesting facts you will not know about me are:

4)  Michael Buble and I have a date every evening in my kitchen making dinner, where dancing with the children (if they can be bothered) is a must.  We like him very loud indeed while I partake in a glass of red just to take the edge off any murderous thoughts that might occur when bad table manners present themselves, which they do EVERY evening, despite my repeated guidance / moaning.  Why?  My children are not deaf or stupid. 

5)  Twenty years ago, I visited a Clairvoyant who told me that I would have money problems in my forties.  Seeing as I earned £100k p.a. at the time, this was seemingly ludicrous.  Anyway, having soon left my job, for various reasons, ploughed everything I had into my own home, become a SAHM to two children who had not arrived until I was 41 and 45 and I wasn't going anywhere without them if I could help it, then kicked out my Shitty Husband,, only to be informed by my him that 'The Well is Dry' and he would no longer be paying maintenance for them, she has been proved correct!

6)  I am really quite psychic myself - on a good day (!) - and don't always pay attention, but have chronicled the journey from superbly paid Money Broker and lurch into the (fantastic) world of Natural Medicine and Healing, in a book that covers a period of several years' intellectually intriguing exploration of it all (and I wonder where my money went!).  Several newspapers and magazines interviewed me and I did a tiny bit of tv.  In light of 5) above, I should probably dust it down and try to flog it.  Any tips / help / contacts gratefully received.     

7)  I received many 'insights' when having my two children about life in general, being a mother, and for peace and happiness, which are also written down and might one day make it into one of those tiny books for the downstairs loo.  Not forgetting those 'Diaries of an Older Single Mum - the first few ones appear on my earliest posts, I ought to get on with it all.  Who knew I had it in me?  What seemed so possible once has been wrecked through sleep deprivation and becoming an Older Single Mum!

If Fate can deliver my two children (who showed themselves to me in my dreams before they came), then do you reckon it hasn't all been a waste of time and that 'Someone will come to show the way,'     
as per my recent contribution to the Music as Therapy Meme

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