11 March 2012

Mother's Day Craft Challenge - Tesco Magazine.

When Tesco Magazine contact you with an invitation, it's hard to say 'No!'  But when they include the word 'craft,' it's a given that that is my likely reply.

However, my boys and I watched the video they sent by a 'Home Expert' explaining it - a 'simple and thrifty' task for Mother's Day and (Bless 'em) they really wanted to go ahead.

We made this for under a fiver!

Well we don't do 'creative' much, or at all, if I'm honest, but friends of mine with girls are always at it.  I asked one of them if we could plunder her cupboard,in a bit of a panic because we don't have odd bits of hairbands / flowery hair clips, sequins, decorative felt and other stuff hanging around like the lady who did the demonstration seemed to have and I was convinced we couldn't really do this as a result.  She said she didn't know where to start as she had so much stuff, but she turned up later, having knocked these up from 'nothing' to show me how easy it can be:

Thank you Bev - a plant pot and trinket holder.

Inspired, we hunted down any old boxes hanging around, plus the challenge included using something non-smelly but airtight, for example an empty drinking chocolate carton, then some wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, glue and sellotape.

Before long we had transformed these 

 into these

But Robson wanted to go for 'man' paper and stuff.  He was very proud!

In fact he came up with an idea of adding feathers, but we don't have any of those either!  We bought the paper (49p per sheet) but you could add any bits and bobs.

Really clever, kind people with lovely mums might make some of Michelle's Utterly Scrummy   home-made truffles or Jenny's Cheetahs in my Shoes   Oreo Brownie Cupcakes which isn't just a wonderful gesture but also helps with the 'thrift' angle, if you're so inclined and it is something the children would love to be involved with as well.  These sites make your mouth water just looking at them.  They even make me want to bake - but let's not go too far!

One thing is for sure though, for not too much effort, it isn't difficult - or necessarily expensive - to come up with something a little more magical for Mother's Day if you want to and these boxes could contain anything you like - bulbs, a vase, memento / plaque sort of thing they do for this occasion, beautiful candle or holder or special teddy etc.etc.

I have a Birthday coming up and have already received flowers, from which I am keeping the box, cellophane and ribbon (normally binned), plus I will cut out any bits of Greetings cards that take my fancy for this sort of thing in the future.

The best bit about the Challenge:  We happened to enjoy it and it will change the way we wrap presents for ever!

The worst bit about the Challenge:  We happened to enjoy it and it will change the way we wrap presents for ever!

P.S. If you would like to watch the original video - it's here and you can see some other Bloggers' fab creations here.


  1. To be honest, I know my mother would prefer flowers. Also, my brother was married to a woman who was a professional designer and created the most beautiful Christmas boxes for wreaths. She was terminally ill and died but her boxes are still used and they set the bar unattainably high.

    My mum has so much stuff and tries to stay off biscuits and chocs, so the safest bet is flowers which she loves to fill the house with.

  2. Thank you keynko - was my first foray onto your craft bit of Love All blogs and loved the other stuff on there! I don't feel quite so intimdated now!

  3. Hi Sarah. Am so sorry about your Sister in Law. How lovely she lives on through her work. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a house full of flowers!

  4. Well I have to say that all looks very impressive and very colourful! Like the one with the added addition of the chocolates. When is your birthday?

  5. Well I have to say that all looks very impressive and very colourful! Like the one with the added addition of the chocolates. When is your birthday?

  6. A great effort - and a good idea since we have so many boxes around the house.
    I tend not to be too crafty, but when you've got kids you have to make the effort don't you?
    And their enthusiasm makes up for the fact things don't always turn out perfect (you can also blame them if you mess up and say that they did it!)

  7. Hi Older Mum - Thank you. You know it's not our thing, but we were pleased. Tis today, my dear - yet another year older - groan!

  8. Loving your style Donna. We tend to rely on play groups for that kind of thing - but they really enjoyed it, so will make more effort in future. It's amazing what you can find lying around!

  9. I think they are great, and even better you got the kids involved.
    I never say never to an invite when it involves some fun, some great products and a promo, that is after all what we are all doing here lol! I enjoyed this thanks !

  10. Age is just - yes it was tremendous fun - glad you enjoyed it too!

  11. Darling Anya
    I have sat here from 3am (up with a snotty, stonking cold)reading every one of your posts and catching up with the years of your life that I have missed.
    I am probably, in your mind, a shitty ex-friend as life has been a struggle, I have been incapable of reaching out for years now and have lost a few good friends as a result. I don't blame them (or you) for giving up on me.
    So glad to read that you are happy. Your boys are gorgeous. Miss you lots x Nickie x

  12. Darling Nickie, It's wonderful to hear from you. I know you have been struggling and I have waited for you. Let's catch up soon. XXX