20 March 2012

Netflights.com Giveaway.

There used to be an expression about children who never ventured far from their mother being 'tied to her by her Apron Strings.'  If only this were possible.

I have two young boys - aged nearly seven and three. When they were younger, I always kept them tethered by using old fashioned reins.  Nowadays keeping them both within sight is one of the most stressful parts of my life - even when we're only out walking, on the school run or the beach and around the shops.

It's so easy for a child to wander off when we're distracted, somewhere busy or unfamiliar that netflights.com have decided to give away 500 reusable ID wristbands - so that you can be contacted from the details written on them and be re-united quickly. Travelling with small (or some big) children can epitomise most parents' worst fears.

They have written an excellent blog post about how effective these ID bracelets can be - a simple solution for a lost child, who is perhaps too young or stressed to articulate for themselves and how they can also include any medical information too.

They use a system of something similar on Bournemouth beaches in the Summer and they really do work.

There are also some other responsible and useful articles worth checking out.

For your chance to win a pair of these wristbands, visit their Facebook page.

Who wants their children tied to us with copious strings, Apron or otherwise, anyway?

i.e. Visit their FB page!

[Disclosure - This is a sponsored post].


  1. ID wristbands - what a great idea and I wish I'd had them when my kids were younger (they're 18 and 14 now), not that anything untoward happened to them but it would have given me some peace of mind. It's a parent's worst nightmare that their child wanders off. And it can happen in a split second.

  2. Hi (not so) Dumdad -Yes I agree - loving your blog in Paris!

  3. Older Single Mum,

    Thanks for the kind comment. I've now added you to my blogroll. I only charge £10 a week for this service plus a £500 joining fee. (If only we could make money from our blogs!)

    You write a mean blog and I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've read so far.

    So, we're now bloggy friends and twits as well!

  4. I used to have them for Amy. Got them from the National Autistic Society and they really were a good idea.

    CJ x

  5. To Dumdad - thank you too for your kind comments - love making new bloggy mates - what's your twitter @?

  6. Hi Sarah - glad you approve - you know what's it's like to have 2 boys!

  7. Thank you for that CJ - there is excellent feedback for these and am glad to be associated with them X

  8. O S M,

    I thought you knew my twitter @ and that's how you came across my blog! I'll tweet you and all will be revealed!

  9. Very, very good idea! Great give a way. YOu are getting to do alot of these type posts at the moment - must tell me how you are doing it - drop me an email! X

  10. These are an excellent idea. My older boy has been very wandery in the past and toddler is so fast it's hard to keep up with him. It only takes a moment and you can't see where they are.

  11. Love this idea. We went to the Yorkshire Show one year and they were handing out free versions to everyone with children. As other people have said, they can disappear in a split second but at least had the worst happened, someone could have contacted us. Losing a child is the stuff of most people's nightmares, so this is a great idea. Polly x