4 June 2012

Older Single Mum Diaries - continued.

It has been heartening to receive such hefty encouragement from newer readers about my older posts, specifically the Diaries of an Older Single Mum stuff.  Here is the second piece I originally wrote to end up as a column / chapter for their eventual 'proper' publication. 
This, too, was on my blog in the early days - this time at the end of a post I called An Anti-Orgasm - the way it feels when you leave your kids with someone you don't like. I'd quite forgotten how fraught I used to be, not to mention my ex's pervy shocking behaviour in the kitchen:

I'll be back on normal form soon.  My recovery is taking more time than I envisaged.
Eating Standing Up!

‘EAT while the baby sleeps,’ that’s my motto. Those who said ‘Sleep while the baby sleeps’ is for those with only one child about or the delightful luxury of plenty of help around.

Seeing as neither of these scenarios exist here, it is virtually impossible for this single mum to catch a nap in the daytime. I must be one of few breastfeeding women to actually gain weight! This is partially due to a new penchant for an absurd amount of chocolate raisins, along with ... Read more ...