8 June 2012

Blogging Royalty.

Ellen Arnison from In a Bundance has written a brilliant book about the positive mental health aspects of blogging.

Like her blog, it is straightforward and honest, yet she is surprisingly bashful - something she admits at the outset - and this is part of its appeal.

Although her history in tabloid journalism means she doesn't pull her punches, she manages to put her points across well, without resorting to the writing antics of what HerMelness calls the 'fur coat and no knickers brigade.'

Ellen is sincere, funny and succinct, thriving on the authority and confidence she has gained in the five years she has been blogging.  Indeed, she is a leading light and speaking at the BritMums Live conference in June

It has been an honour to be invited onto her site for the review I have written and it was a privilege to host her HERE last year for her part in the Series of Single Mums' Stories.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please pop on over to Blogging Royalty and read all about it: