12 December 2012

Bread and Butter.

Last week I was transported back to the 1970s.  Honestly.  I was.

There wasn't a UFO or a hunky Doctor Who, just a mere slab of bread and butter.  The loaf was one my son prefers - white, (naturally!) - so we don't have it often and the luxury brand of butter that we don't normally stretch to was on offer.  We casually flung the two together, as you do and, Hey Presto, there I was, in my mum's kitchen, about ten years old.

That doesn't happen very often.  I don't remember a lot of my childhood.  It was quite a powerful surprise and, later on and ever since, it got me looking back:

Vesta curries (dried in packets). We loved them and, to this day, whenever I'm obliged to eat Chinese food (a fortnight in China eating nothing but, means it will generally turn my stomach, yet occasionally, I'll have the urge) I will always order the curry, because it has that same taste as they did as a kid. 

Fray Bentos pies in tins. They still do them, you know.  Particularly nice with soggy bottoms.

We thought Cream Soda was wonderful.  It was delivered by the 'Corona Man' who drove a lorry full of fizzy drinks for a living.  The glass bottles were returnable for cash. 

Angel Delight and Blancmange were staples. 

Malted milk biscuits were bought in broken bits.

Ribena.  Only one flavour.  Only in bottles.

Tins of spam and tins of yummy ham in yucky jelly.

Fried bread and beef dripping (never served together).

Mince cooked with just onion and carrot was actually delicious, but I can't help thinking what a shame it was that going out to dinner was more or less unheard of!

Always served with bread and butter!  Honestly.  It was.

 Which tastes take you down memory lane?