17 December 2012

Style and Substance.

Herewith are a couple of partnered posts, but the content is original, still all the usual stuff, rest assured!

1)  Who doesn't want to feel fabulous for Christmas?  Whether you're going out or staying in, treating yourself to a stylish dress from FennWrightManson might really fit the bill. 

Although most of us are used to feeling bedraggled at this time of year - you might want to try it as a single parent (or maybe you don't, in actual fact) when there aren't enough hours in the day to feed and clothe and shop for all and sunder anyhow!  Life is a squeeze at the best of times.

I'm well aware, however that just because you're not single, it doesn't mean you're better off - on any level.  I know how frustrating it is to be with an individual who's supposed to be your partner, but really isn't, particularly now.

There's a reason that the first week in January is the very busiest time of the whole year in Solicitors' offices up and down the country, because spending all this time with someone who really doesn't pull their weight can get your back up, or not spending that special time with a certain someone when you're expecting it, hoping for it and have set your heart on it, can be truly devastating.

There are many disappointments this time of year for lots of people, so please don't feel you're alone if you're facing a bleak Christmas, you're absolutely not.

On the other hand, many have come out the other side of worries, concerns, trauma and so on and are feeling free and single or not free and not single, but happy with life, trundling along, possibly wanting what they have, as opposed to having what they want.

It's going to be a bright year for some and a trying one for others, but living in the present is what works no matter what.  So Christmas is coming and making the best of it is what matters, not only for our children, but for ourselves.

A treat for me will be a lovely wallow in the bath and getting dressed up.

What will you be doing?

2)  Before we get all glammed up though, how much housework is there to do?  This Mr. Gum audiobook can help keep your kids busy while you a) rearrange all the cupboards in order to make room for all the Christmas decorations to go up and it might help you find the cards and wrapping paper you bought last year in the sales because it seemed like such a good idea at the time or b) deal with another load of presents that need sorting, despite the fact you swore you really would cut down.

Fortunate as I am to be too lazy not have to do all the housework myself because I choose to employ a cleaner everything that always needs doing, still always needs doing and then some, this time of year and no-one really does it all in that cheesy manner that all the American films / that stupid supermarket advert would have us believe, do they?

Because I certainly don't. My eyes get sore from staying up so late at night because there's still Twitter to attend to and blogs to read and write.  Anything that keeps the kids happy keeps me happy and Christmas might go away for now, but the housework never does!