18 December 2012

Something for Me as a Woman.

My charming but maniacal three year old son has excitedly announced what he intends to give me for Christmas:

1) A saucepan.
2) Some bacon.

'Perhaps something for me as a woman?' I beg. (Words straight out of my own mother's mouth.).

Something for me as a woman...
He re-thinks.  He is quiet, which is such a rare occurrence, that this obviously necessitates some serious consideration.  I hold my breath in wonder while he decides:

3) A big fat fairy shirt.
4) A big fat French Stick.

My rather more refined seven year old joins in.  He also takes his time:  

'A trip to London (on the train) and to go to Café Rouge.'

That's my boy.

Only another four years training required! 

Tell me, what would your children really like to be giving you for Christmas?  Dare you ask them?