28 March 2013

Not Down and Dirty.

Partnered Post.

Now I believe in letting kids get down and dirty.  In fact, I'd like to say it's something I insist upon, but the truth is, there really is no choice.  My two boys are mucky as hell most days.

So what would be the point of designer gear for them?    I've learned they will grow out of anything we save for 'best' before wearing it more than once, but it's also awkward spotting others dressed in the same multi-pack T-shirts.  Plus the seven year old suddenly needs to be 'cool' and the three year old boy has been fussy about his clothes since he was born.

Neither of them would know one 'name' from another though, so an invitation to check out alex and alexa - a kids fashion brand label - was met with a heavy but hopeful heart. Not for us, Armani Junior, Boss or Barbour or Ralph Lauren, but Levi and Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Gant are certainly up our street when they're on sale and who doesn't love a Timberland too?

But if you saw this post - the video of the littlest 'reading' his favourite story, The Gruffalo, you can imagine our delight and surprise to discover there is also a Toys & Gifts section which has at least 50 Gruffalo items amongst them!

'Amazing,' as he would say and that's one way to make mummy as popular as the little brown mouse!

You can also completely kit out their bedrooms and bathrooms beautifully, but on with the clothes. This is what we chose for the eldest for when he's not getting down and dirty:

Skinny trousers £12

Bargain at £22.40

And this is what we chose for the youngest who almost always is:

Same skinny trousers at £12

The only things not in the sale £25

The only thing that is a bit pricey is that gilet (£51.40)- but both boys live in them because they're ideal for when they're riding their bikes and scooters.  Actually averaging cost per wear and it (hopefully!) being decent enough quality to last long enough for them both to outgrow it makes it seem more reasonable. 

I'd never thought of 'Brand' stuff before - it's not something I often stretch to for myself, let alone for the children, but with both boys needing something a bit different, this little foray into their fashion world has been worthwhile.  It's not for when they're playing in the garden, but it is stuff they can wear a great deal, so it's not necessarily something I would automatically dismiss any longer either.  If it doesn't break the bank and it makes them happy, then that's 'cool' as well!