18 April 2013

Happy Birthday Beautiful Little Boy.

The maniacal three year old has become a fearsome four year old.

His cute little baby features are gone.  His toddling days are over.  He starts school in September.  He has become a little boy.

When I look back at my Diaries of when he was a baby, it seems much more than four years ago that he was born.  A great deal of water has passed under many a bridge since then.

It seems unbelievable to have survived those first few years with him and his elder brother alone. He woke every two hours through the night for the first two years of his life, having been woken similarly in hospital for two whole days, to check for signs of a Strep B infection which he might have caught from me, but, mercifully, never did.

My friend Sheila likes to remind me that she feared a nervous breakdown was not far away on a few occasions.

But we did it.

We have more than survived.  He is a thriving little boy - always happy, singing songs and blessed with more energy than the rest of us put together.

He is sociable and charming, likes to dress up, make us laugh and play football and bat and ball - inventing or creating or converting anything, such as a toy frying pan and mini skittle to do it makeshift if necessary.  He can be an utter joy.

He can also be a right pickle, but today is not the day to criticize his behaviour.  Suffice to say, one of his Birthday presents is a punch bag and boxing gloves!

We love him.  We're proud of him.  He completes us.
Happy Birthday Beautiful Little Boy.