15 May 2013

Decisions, Decisions.

Comparison sites make interesting fodder for conversation.  They're a relatively new thing and I find them quite scary at the outset.  Before long, though, you get used to them and even get to like them.  Every hour spent exploring them can reap many £££ in savings.

We're all time short and no-one likes to be ripped off, so why not let them do the leg work for us?

People my age or thereabouts will remember a Yellow Pages advert. this kind of thing is reminiscent of.  It was really ground-breaking at the time because of the slogan 'Let your fingers do the walking,' which has made it into common every day language now - as it stands us all in just as good stead on a computer keyboard.

So things are easier than they've ever been in that way, but the pay off is all the decisions and choices we're forced to make from the extra information that is generated.  It's even impossible to order a coffee without half a dozen considerations nowadays!

Talking to the children about setting our sights on going to Barbados one day got me wondering where else would be the perfect place for a holiday for them.  IceLolly.com comes up with some lovely, classy ideas, along with interesting guides about each.

They don't cover the Channel Islands which is where we might be heading this summer, but as I used to live there and we stay with a friend there is no evaluating to do. Phew.

But I'd happily invest any number of hours exploring any of these IceLolly resorts, saving many £££ in return.  Which one would we decide on though? 

Where would you like to take your children? 

Kenya, perhaps?