13 June 2013

Petite and Personalised - Letterbox Cakes.

We're not brilliant cake bakers in this house, although we're making more than two a year now, so things are definitely looking up.

The kids really enjoy it to be honest, but I wanted to surprise the eldest on his Birthday recently so ordered a cake that is not only petite enough to come through the letterbox but can also be personalised.  He was delighted to see his own picture and all our names on it, but not so thrilled that he worried about taking a knife to it and wolfing it down!


It comes in a small but posh tin (which keeps it fresh), so we've kept that for some of our other cooking paraphernalia, plus it's a great memento,  as well as with a gift card, a couple of balloons and some candles,  

And it tasted as good as it looks, which was a relief with it having come in the post! 

Moist and delicious Madeira.

We loved it and it's a great idea for those of us who live miles away from some of our friends and family - especially those who live alone, who wouldn't bother to make or buy a cake and the choice of Madeira, gluten free, fruit, carrot and double chocolate chip only makes them more attractive.

BAKER DAYS are behind this genius idea for which they charge a very reasonable £14.99 including delivery and you can find over 400 other designs there too.  

Disclosure - we were sent this cake free of charge for an honest review.