7 June 2013

Everybody is a Somebody - #BML.

Well Hello, hello.  Just a little introduction for those going to the Britmums Live Annual Conference in a couple of weeks.

After last year's Nobody is a Nobody vlog statement I felt the urge to make ahead of it, they've asked me to be one of their 'Butterflies' team - the people who offer TLC to anyone feeling a little overwhelmed by the event, the principle being, I guess, that the more 'Butterflies' Britmums have, the less 'butterflies' for anyone else!

It will be BIG and just as fabulous, so it's easy to feel that way.  Everyone's nerves will be jangled at some point - even the speakers.'

There will be seven of us 'Butterflies,' with a stand in the main hall, there to help you make the most of the day, by introducing you to other bloggers and encouraging you to plan your schedule.        

This is who the others real reprobates are:

That Gemma at Hello Its Gemma for a start - secretly a lush - but wrote a great guide for the event. 

Penny at A Residence - always filming herself - shame she's so bleedin' brilliant at it.

Mummy from the Heart - 'Imperfect.'  Say no more.

Michelle at The American Resident - far too pretty.  Move swiftly on.

Clare at Seasider in the City - Plays golf and is a self-confessed geek. We are not going to get on ;)

Sophie at Super Amazing Mum - Has a penchant for drinking Champagne and dancing on tables.  We are going to get on.  She's going to be my new BFF.

We'll all be there to welcome you.  There'll be a 'Butterfly' table in all of the sessions, manned 'personned' in most of them.  If you want to meet new people, or to sit with us if you're on your own or to pop by and say Hi, just look for the symbol.  We'll be around in each of the breaks too, so you might even get sick of the sight of us!

And alas, despite popular demand and contrary to wicked rumours, we will not be wearing wings of any sort :(  but we each made a video clip - below- telling you what we're looking forward to most and you'll easily be able to recognize us from that.

By far the best way to enjoy the conference is to be organized by a) prioritising sessions on the Agenda  and b) making connections before you go.

It's really important to plan which discussions or presentations you want to attend, and equally so to make proper arrangements to meet up with people you truly want to see.  For the first time there is a special Britmums Butterflies Facebook Group to help things along.  Just request to join and we'll add you.

And / or you can tweet @michelloui and ask to be added to the Britmums Butterflies list and use / follow #britmumsbutterflies.  Most people are chatty and really happy to catch up in a coffee shop first so that you can go in together.  Finding someone to travel with is a good start and both these forums give plenty of opportunity for that, plus (call me old fashioned) you can always leave a comment on someone's blog! 

Everybody is a Somebody.  We all have a right to be there.  Kate on Thin Ice makes a splendid point on this post here for Britmums about seizing the day ( as well as giving some other tips) and how amazing the conference is going to be. 

It will be tremendous fun and we'll all learn a great deal.  The other Butterflies are all introducing themselves on other posts which you can find HERE and this is the video (that put me on a diet) to which I referred earlier.  Hope to see some of you there!