18 June 2013

Prepared Parenting: Back to School, A Quick Guide to Getting It Right.

With my little one starting school in September I honestly lay awake the other night wondering how early I could get away with buying his and his brother's new uniform.  Those of us in the know i.e. those with older children, have learned the hard way that there's such a scrum at the outset of the Summer Holidays that people like me who leave it until the last minute will find nothing left in the shops whatsoever! 

First timers, rightfully, think it's best to see what will fit their little ones nearer the time - because kids do shoot up in the sunnier weather, but do so at their peril because that sweet time when you're full of pride and pulled heartstrings soon descends into a desperate panic to find all the right gear.  I've taken to guessing, but here's a great article with some truly top tips which cover much more than that:

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It’s all right for those who manage to find a few spare weeks off work during the summer holidays to get everything organised, but for us mere mortal mothers rallying up the troops before they go back in September can feel like mission impossible.

A trip out for uniform is definitely not what you need during the last weeks of August. Nothing is less relaxing that trawling through the racks for size 8 grey trousers in a shop heaving with manic mothers and irritable kids. 

This is where an online school uniform shop can come in handy! Click away, from the comfort of your own home, with a glass of wine in hand. Who said the six week break was stressful?

·  Don’t spend a fortune. Look at what’s on offer at the online school uniform shop from George at ASDA. Pick up trousers for as little as £3, and sweatshirts from £2. You know that you’ll be replacing it all within a few months anyway, thanks to never-ending growth spurts, so blowing your July wage on designer school attire really isn’t the most cost efficient plan.

· Browse online and buy as much as you can from the online school uniform shop. All uniform will be available, however you may need to trek into town if your child’s school requires specialist attire such as badged clothing or school ties. Underwear including socks, pants and vests can also be purchased on the Web, as can additional uniform items such as PE kits.

·  Stock up on healthy snacks. Schools are now quite strict with regards to what food items can be consumed on the premises. Make good food choices for your children’s break times and packed lunches. Dried fruits, clip dishes of fresh fruit, and wholegrain snacks are preferred. For the very young ones, Organix do a good range of cereal bars and organic treats. Don’t forget the lunchbox too!

· Buy stationery in bulk. While a pencil case might not go missing, it is inevitable that pencils, crayons and pens will get lost throughout the year. Value packs are fantastic for keeping at home, ready to replace any items that go astray at school. Write your child’s name on little pieces of paper and stick them onto their property with tape or sticky back plastic.

· While it may not be on the top of your checklist, having a supply of medicines, vitamins and other health products at home is wise. Children’s paracetamol medicines, nit combs and tissues are just three handy items which will definitely be useful, and will save a late night rush to the supermarket should your child catch the standard school sniffle.

Don’t let the back to school rush daunt you. Get on the Internet and purchase all the essentials from George at ASDA online school uniform shop. As that first week in September arrives, you’ll be feeling rather savvy and will undoubtedly be glad you were one step ahead of the game.  Prepared parenting - it’s the way forward!

[Disclosure - I have received compensation for this post].