5 June 2013

The Awesome Eight Year Old - Gangnam Style.

The Awesome Eight Year Old held his first ever Birthday party at home - well, a bit of it, before we sloped off  to a local pool for the rest of it.

There were six boys in all, plus the Fearsome Four Year Old who is never far behind, effortlessly holding his own.  There were large pizzas consumed in our garden and then they were all let loose to do as they pleased.

They chose music and dancing, which inevitably ended up 'Gangnam Style' because of the Birthday boy's love of it, even though he can't have seen the video more than once.  We've listened to the song many  times in the car though this half-term week, while we've been holed up in on the motorway a few times.  It undoubtedly saved our sanity, but watching him do his stuff (with the added devotion of his little brother), I swear that he was the happiest he's ever been.

Until the camera came out that is.  Then the leadership skills came sharply to the fore and he turned all serious, telling his mates not to smile!  They talked an utterly alien language about who their favourite singers are - which is a sure sign of being ancient on my part - and absolutely loved letting their hair down.  The dancing was completely spontaneous and I managed to catch some of it on film.  Spot the little one in one of his pretend Power Rangers sleepsuits that he insists on wearing practically all the time presently.

There doesn't seem much to worry about re the 'yoof' of today with this lot - their innocence shines through compared to the original by PSY.

The sound is rubbish because the microphone on the ipad is poor, but be assured the music was very loud indeed! Perhaps you had to be there ....