6 June 2013

Lovers of Light.

This is in complete contrast to the video I posted yesterday and is the kind of thing that might fit over at my other blog, but, today, it belongs here.

It is a short video made from a compilation of entries to a photo competition (now closed) that 'creatively capture daylight' and it is simply quite a stunning celebration of it in every form, set beautifully to music.   

It was run by the company called VELUX ®, famous for its windows letting light into such spaces as loft conversions and they wanted pictures that helped 'bring light to life.' 

They say  'Everything we do is designed around daylight.  We all underestimate the impact that daylight has on our lives, whether that's to do with our sleep patterns, our mood, designing our homes, or even the way we take a picture... The VELUX film brings to life the beauty and benefits of one of our most precious natural resources.'


After watching this, it seems such a paradox to then talk about how to shut light out, but this we must do, for those of us with young children (and Foreign Language Students who keep the opposite hours to them) do not underestimate the impact that this glorious daylight has on our little ones when dawn cracks and we're not ready for them for a while yet. They don't need much of it to be ready to rock the day.  

But as many a mother has discovered, blackout blinds rock harder, especially when they're from the VELUX shop because they surely know the power of the beast that wakes!

Things are so weirdly sophisticated nowadays.  VELUX also make such things as sun tunnels to let light in, that are then offset by solar powered remote control blinds to completely or partially blot it out at our convenience, but despite the fact they're truly stylish, they'll never be as pretty as those pictures!   I hope you enjoy them.

Disclosure :- This post is in association with VELUX.