20 November 2013

Writing For Gingerbread.

Everyone knows a single parent somewhere and every single parent should know about Gingerbread - a powerful organization and charity offering special support and expert advice on any of the predicaments we might find ourselves in.  Perhaps the most famous single mum to defy the feckless layabout image that the media likes to tar us with is their President - the author of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling.

They're currently campaigning to make things more feasible for single parents that wish to work to be able to and instead of asking me to write about them like I sometimes do, this time they have asked me to write for them - a post on their blog.

This is quite a timely matter for me and the most natural thing to bring up was the crisis of confidence that can occur when people who've been mums - single or otherwise - and for whatever reason(s) - feel it's time to venture out into the big wide world again, so that's what it's called.

They're inviting you to pop over and have a read, consider those single parents you know somewhere and, perhaps, point them in their direction, not least for an amazing initiative by one of the country's favourite retailers!

Here it is - A CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE by Anya Harris.

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