14 January 2014

It's Not Me, It's You.

That's the thing about new relationships.  You never know where they're going.

It's easy to be shy, to hold back, to take sensitive steps - you show your cards and I'll show mine kind of thing.

This one started out pretty well.  There was flattery, attention to detail and clear interest.

I have to admit to being drawn in.  A bit.  At first.

It seemed things might work out.  We both wanted the same thing, after all and we seemed to be compatible.

There was a little lighthearted give and take, politeness, mutual respect.  It all seemed to going in the right direction and then, at the last minute of our first ever clinch I knew I had to end it right there and then.

It was out of the question.  Stupid.  How could they?

It was unlike me to be so brutal, but there was no choice.

Despite the fact they'd impressed me, courted me and convinced me, the relationship would have to be finished before it had even begun.

Bracing myself, but resigned, there was sadly no option but to spell it out succinctly.

'I'm really sorry.  I absolutely won't work without disclosure.  Best wishes with your campaign.'

Kind regards.