13 January 2014

Questions, Questions, Questions ....

Every now and then someone asks you something that really makes you think.  And think some more.  And then think again.

It was my honour and privilege to get a good grilling recently as part of a fabulous weekly feature that Honest Mum runs and be forced to focus on myself for a change - to find in my soul yearnings and dreams and ambitions that I had completely forgotten about.

It's been some years since owning an Almond Farm somewhere warm and beautiful has seemed a good idea, but just because it went on the back burner for a while, doesn't mean it can't be re-visted, does it?  Since its first inception the health giving properties of almonds have only become better known and it's not as cliched as an Olive Farm or a vineyard, so it hasn't lost its appeal whatsoever!

Vicki Psarias - an empathetic mum of 2 boys!

Anyway, it has surfaced again only after Vicki - an award winning film maker by profession and fellow mother of two young boys - interviewed me for her Wonderful Women Wednesdays and if you're interested in why there might be scaletrix in my handbag, where I really go after the school run and what I hope to be doing in five years time amongst some other probing stuff then you can read all the answers to her questions HERE plus check out the esteemed company in which I have found myself too!