21 January 2016

Boys Bedroom Ideas with Homify.

I mentioned the other day how things are a-changing round here.  The boys are growing up, their needs are altering and their tastes are bound to follow.

The eldest has so far refused to lose the Winnie the Pooh theme they have in their room though.  I first mooted the idea a few years ago, but he's steadfast, despite the fact he will be starting senior school in September!

Not for him the nice blue room with rockets that I've suggested, deliberately shying away from the Cars (yes, our conversations have been occurring that long!) and Minions and Star Wars stuff that will date, but I fear we may have missed our moment even with those now that they are approaching 11 and seven?

It's obvious what's going to happen however.  There will be a very sudden demand for it all to be done in an instant and I'm beginning to get nervous about it, so it seems sensible to start exploring boys bedroom ideas.

I'm not a creative sort.  Nor is it like me to be ahead of the game. Everything always comes as a surprise - when the children grow, for example, need new shoes, food in the fridge, get girlfriends, blah blah, but even I can anticipate the inevitable seismic shift in attitude that will come over the summer holidays at the very latest.

If the youngest had his way, Winnie the Pooh would have been replaced by now, but it's heartening that his brother is so sentimental.

We'll keep their beautiful pine bunk beds and chests of drawers, bought with the sale of  all my jewellery a few years ago and although, in an ideal world they wouldn't still be sharing the same bedroom, they seem to enjoy it and, for now, they do, so we need to find something that caters for both their tastes whilst keeping a keen eye on what their future ones might incorporate.

And in the meanwhile, my little plan to work extra hours and lose one of our students will free up another bedroom at some point and this will give us a completely clean slate to work with.  We might go all white with that one, although my son would probably prefer not!

Modern nursery/kids room by FingerHaus GmbH
My taste.
Modernes Hochbett mit Schreibtisch von dearkids : Modern nursery/kids room by MOBIMIO—Räume für Kinder
My son's preference!
Modern nursery/kids room by MadaM Architecture
Our possible happy compromise!
In the second scenario at home, the bed above a desk look will be a winner because they make the best use of space, plus the would be teenager will need a sanctuary for his homework.

And you're never too old for one of these, surely?  I've always fancied a Lego wall for them, but they'd probably have a lot of fun with a blackboard one!

Kinderzimmer : Modern nursery/kids room by SEHW Architektur
Are you ever too old for fun with this?

Whatever happens, Winnie the Pooh won't be on it!

Disclosure - this is a collaborative post with Homify, an online platform for home and living. They write about topics concerning design, living and home improvements and we've picked up some really useful tips and ideas. All words in this post are my own.