21 March 2016

Things That Mightily Please Me.

Some of us just aren't meant for the high life, are we?

After a week of things that mightily peed me off, I was met instead with one full of pride and pleasing events, plus a little adventure that, perhaps, I'm not really cut out for thrown in for good measure!

Firstly, my youngest son took part in a dance show at a major theatre in Brighton.  He had a mini role as the only male in 'The Boy Does Nothing' and was like a little star amongst 15 (mainly much older) girls.  He held his own without even a hint of  any nerves and performed the splits to great gasps from the audience, which is probably the only time he's done at the right time in the right place.  Generally speaking, it's something he slips into at the most inopportune moments.

The 6yo who loves doing the splits!
And the following day, his older brother - by the far more reserved of the two - took part in a keyboard demonstration at their school, where a few of the children showcased what they'd been learning in their lunch time lessons there.  It was a much smaller affair, but I was no less proud. He seems to have a real ear for music and such a tender touch when he plays that, despite him being a beginner, it brings me real joy.

So, still on cloud nine after leaving the latter, I sauntered off to Waitrose, clutching some John Lewis vouchers I'd been given.  It's not a normal haunt of mine and I was looking forward to feeling like I was living the high life for a little bit longer.

But, honestly, it doesn't matter how hard I try to fit in to these posh places it's impossible not to let myself down.  I needed the loo half way round and had to nip round the corner to a cafe and pretend to be looking for lost sunglasses, then I ran out of parking time before paying and had to dump the trolley at Customer Services for a second time in order to pop out to the car park and chat up the assistant.

They were very polite while I explained my plights but it was obvious they thought I was one of those mad women who likes to pretend to do their shopping there and then scarpers without the goods, for which, admittedly, there is an attraction because it's like heaven in there, if one doesn't encounter the embarrasment and exhaustion generated by yours truly.

It is very pleasing, therefore, that the children seem destined for the high life.  Their mother is a lost cause!