11 July 2016

Turning Back Time to Middle Piccadilly Rural Retreat in Dorset.

As I drove through deepest Dorset, I wondered if Dominic was doing dinner.  He used to say he was a Cordon Vert cook, but I never knew if he was joking - whether there was actually such a thing as Vegetarian Cordon Bleu.  The food was always fantastic though, so I'd figured it didn't really matter either way!

It's been eleven years since I was last here, a small Healing Retreat just outside of Dorchester, in the South West of England and there were butterflies in my belly as I passed through tiny little villages, clocking castles and quaint cottages with thatched roofs, enjoying the greenery as far as the eye could see.

There were massive trees making magnificent tunnels over lots of lush lanes and an abundance of flowers and fauna and fields.  My third eye was throbbing as it soaked up the scenery.  It felt like  a real treat to be away and as though something special was already occurring!

My children were at their father's for a few nights - for the first time for that length of time.  I was going to need a powerful distraction and, by some weird yet wonderful quirk of fate, this perfect opportunity had presented itself when I'd been asked if I was interested in reviewing one of my all time favourite places in the world - Middle Piccadilly.

But would it be the same?

I checked the web-site first.  Yes, it was still owned by the founding family:

The Middle Piccadilly Story
Middle Piccadilly was established in 1986 by founders Eliana and Gerry Harvey and started life as an innovative healing centre with emphasis on the holistic approach. Currently run by eldest son – Dominic and his wife Lisa - the centre offers over a quarter of a century of Natural Health Expertise and is the foremost Rural Retreat in the country.

*Claps wildly.  Can't believe luck*

I've stayed here before, if my memory serves me correctly, three times.  On the first occasion, I would have been alone, the second was with my ex-husband and the last time, was with one of my best girlfriends when I was pregnant with my eldest son.

I wondered what would have happened to Eliana by now...  She used to perform the most incredible Shamanic Healing treatments and was a wonderful teacher.  She was getting on a bit before...

I wondered if the treatments could be anywhere near as authentic as they used to be...

Had they gone all mod cons and lost the rustic charm of their own quaint cottage with the thatched roof .... ?  I couldn't imagine today's clientele putting up with pleasant but basic amenities, no matter how awesome the other stuff might be...

And eventually I arrived to this place of tranquility and tenderness.  The garden looked exquisite.

middle piccadilly, dorset, rural retreat,
Middle Piccadilly Rural Retreat, Dorset.
You are allowed to arrive any time after 4pm, for a minimum stay of two nights.  You leave after lunch on the last day around 2pm.

This meant nigh on three whole days of nothingness, just birdsong and a couple of their signature holistic healing treatments.

I wondered how it would it all work out...

Middle Piccadilly Retreat, Day One: Eat, Treatment, Sleep, Repeat.

Day Two: Shamanic Healing and Shamanka School.

Exclusive Offer for Stays at Middle Piccadilly.